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3. A question about lines of tech. systems evolution


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2005-12-20 06:13:35
Genady Filkovsky » Всем

If technical systems evolve according to objective laws independently on inventors and problems they choose, why technical systems in separated cultures evolved in different ways?

Why, for example, when Europeans "discovered" Far East, Polynesia, Americas, new "inventions" flooded Europe: fork, silk, gunpowder, etc. - inventioned completely missed by Europeans? Of course, there were many European inventions missed by others - those made a base for two-way trading. Some systems evolved in so different ways, that they are mystery even today, since they don't look like anything we know.

Compare different cultures' houses, villages and towns - shelter systems. Compare bridges in China, Andes, and Europe. Compare weapons used for warfare, or for hunting. Compare fishing technologies. Compare boats, kayaks, canoes, catamarans, pirogues. Agriculture tools, water supply systems, food storage systems, furniture, clothing. Musical instruments, optical instruments, writing/recordkeeping instruments. Woodcraft tools, sewing tools, cooking tools. How come objective laws of technical systems evolution drove this evolution so differently in different cultures?

2005-12-29 14:10:32
Сергей В. Сычёв » Genady Filkovsky
Уважамый Геннадий!

Compare different cultures‘ houses, villages and towns...

вероятно, имеет смысл обратить внимание на работы:
1. Кристофер Александер "Вневременной путь зданий", "Язык моделей"
2. Э. Виолле ле Дюк "Американские города и руины", "Беседы об архитектуре"
3. Д.Рескин "Семь светильников архитектуры"
Dear Gennady!

Compare different cultures‘ houses, villages and towns...


possibly, it is meaningful to pay attention to books:

1. K. Alexander "The Timeless Way of Buildings", "Pattern Language"
2. E.V. le Duc "The American cities and ruins","Conversations about architecture"
3. J. Reskin "Seven lamps of architecture"
2005-12-29 20:51:28
Genady Filkovsky » Сергей В. Сычёв

Dear Sergey,

Thank you for the references.

Do they answer my question, i.e. "How come objective laws of technical systems evolution drove this evolution so differently in different cultures"? Do they talk about the "objective laws of technical systems evolution"?

Best regards,

2006-01-07 16:58:42
Сергей В. Сычёв » Genady Filkovsky

Dear Gennady!

Do they answer my question...

My opinion: yes, of course.

Happy New Year,

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